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Aerospace Engineering

Consistently ranked in the top 15 by U.S. News and World Report!

CU-Boulder aerospace engineering alumni are distinguished aerospace leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs. Many play key roles in the design of complex aerospace systems in both the public and private sectors.

Take individual graduate courses or pursue a certificate or Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. Areas of study include:

  • Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Earth and Space Science, Remote Sensing
  • Bioastronautics
  • Structural and Materials Systems

Dual Degree Options

If you are interested in leadership and management within aerospace, the dual degree of a Master of Science in Aerospace and the Master of Engineering in Engineering Management may be the perfect fit for you!

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Graduate Advisor: Aerospace Engineering Sciences

Ann Brookover
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Course Offerings

Aerospace Engineering Courses
Title Type Instructor(s)
ASEN 5007: Introduction to Finite Elements Library Carlos Felippa
ASEN 5010: Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control Distance / Main Campus Hanspeter Schaub
ASEN 5016: Space Life Sciences Distance / Main Campus David Klaus
ASEN 5050: Spaceflight Dynamics Library Jeffrey Parker
ASEN 5053: Rocket Propulsion (NEW) Distance / Main Campus Lakshmi Kantha
ASEN 5070: Introduction to Statistical Orbit Determination 1 Library Brandon Jones
ASEN 5090: Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite Systems Library Kristine Larson
ASEN 5148: Spacecraft Design Distance / Main Campus Michael McGrath
ASEN 5168: Remote Sensing Instrumentation Design Distance / Main Campus Bill Emery
ASEN 5210: Remote Sensing Seminar Distance / Main Campus Bill Emery
ASEN 5215: Descriptive Physical Oceanography Library Bill Emery
ASEN 5227: Math for Aerospace Engineering Sciences 1 Library Bill Emery
ASEN 5245: Radar/Remote Sensing Distance / Main Campus Jeffrey Thayer
ASEN 5307: Engineering Data Analysis Methods Distance / Main Campus Bill Emery
ASEN 5335: Aerospace Environments Library Delores Knipp
ASEN 5426: Neural Systems and Physiological Control Library Howard Wachtel
ASEN 5519: Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the National Airspace System Library Brian Argrow
ASEN 6024: Nonlinear Control Systems Library Dale Lawrence
ASEN 6060: Advanced Astrodynamics Library Daniel J. Scheeres
ASEN 6061: Molecular Gas Dynamics (NEW) Distance / Main Campus Brian Argrow
ASEN 6080: Statistical Orbit Determination 2 Library Jay McMahon
ASEN 6107: Nonlinear Finite Element Methods Library Carlos Felippa
ASEN 6519: Aerospace Vehicle Guidance and Control Distance / Main Campus Jay McMahon
ASEN 6519: Celestial Mechanics Library Daniel J. Scheeres
ASEN 6519: Lidar Remote Sensing (NEW) Library Xinzhao Chu
ASEN 6519: Model-Based Parameter and State Estimation (NEW) Distance / Main Campus Nisar Ahmed
ASEN 6519: Orbital Debris Library Brandon Jones
ASEN 6519: Uncertainty Quantification Library Alireza Doostan
ASEN 6849: Independent Study Independent Study AES Professors Various
ASEN 6950: Master's Thesis Special AES Professors Various