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The Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program at the University of Colorado Boulder provides advanced education for engineers, scientists and technical professionals who want to move into first or second level management. The program facilitates technically minded people to learn and practice data-driven management, develop leadership capabilities, and apply proven principles for business performance improvement. Our core curriculum focuses on the business basics of project management, finance and accounting, quality management and leadership in engineering settings. We are committed to providing the highest-quality experience for both campus-based students and distance learners who study online.

Increase the value of your experience in quality, technical design and manufacturing analysis by adding practical management and leadership know-how. Through our engaging, real-time classroom experiences—taught by seasoned C-level executives—you’ll master the basics of project management, marketing, quality management, leadership, finance and accounting.

Take individual courses or pursue a certificate or Master of Engineering in Engineering Management.

Dual Degree Option

If you are interested in combining leadership and management with a graduate degree in aerospace engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or telecommunications, check out the Dual Degree page for more information. 

Graduate Advisor: Engineering Management

Lou Rutherford

View graduate degree admission requirements and application deadlines.


Course Offerings

Course Credits Instructor(s)
EMEN 4030: Project Management Systems (Classroom Only) 3 George Angel
EMEN 4050: Leadership and Professional Skills (Classroom Only) 3 Seth Murray
EMEN 4100: Business Methods and Economics for Engineers (Classroom Only) 3 Seth Murray
EMEN 4100: Business Methods and Economics for Engineers (Classroom Only) 3 Dave Bonham
EMEN 4800: Technology Ventures and Marketing (Classroom Only) 3 Eben Johnson
EMEN 4825: Entrepreneurial Business Plan Prep 3 Adrian Tuck
EMEN 5000: Engineering Analysis 3 Alyssa McCluskey
EMEN 5005: Introduction to Applied Statistical Methods 3 Ray Littlejohn
EMEN 5010: Introduction to Engineering Management 3 Wayne Kirschling
EMEN 5020: Finance and Accounting for Engineering Managers 3 Wayne Kirschling
EMEN 5030: Project Management 3 Stein Cass
EMEN 5040: Quality, Strategy, and Value Creation 3 Daniel Moorer
EMEN 5041: Advanced Topics in Value Creation (Online Only) 3 Jon Meyer
EMEN 5042: Methods for Quality Improvement 3 Wendy Bailey
EMEN 5050: Authentic Leadership 3 Barbara Lawton
EMEN 5500: Lean and Agile Management 3 Wayne Kirschling
EMEN 5610: Advanced Statistical Methods for Engineering Research 3 Ray Littlejohn
EMEN 5710: Applied Business Decisions 3 John Svoboda
EMEN 5825: The New Venture Experience 3 Eben Johnson
EMEN 5830: Special Topics: Fundamentals of Systems Engineering 3 Alex Sinclair
EMEN 5840: Independent Study Project 1 EMP Instructors Various
EMEN 6805: Capstone Preparation 1 EMP Instructors Various
EMEN 6810: Capstone Completion 2 EMP Instructors Various
EMEN 6940: Master's Degree Candidate 1 EMP Instructors Various