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Library Courses

Engineering Anywhere offers you access to approximately 100 digital recordings of University of Colorado Boulder graduate engineering and technology courses taught in previous semesters.

When you take a Library Course, you adhere to the same academic semester dates as students taking a class offered on campus, including the enrollment period, drop deadlines, tuition payment time frames, and the course completion deadline. These dates can be found on the Engineering Anywhere Academic Calendar.

These courses have been approved to be included in the Course Library.  However, for most courses, you will need to contact the instructor directly to obtain permission to take the course in a particular semester. An email from the instructor granting permission to take the course in a specific semester is sufficient permission. You will also need to complete the Course Enrollment Form to register for Library Courses as they are not available for online enrollment via MyCUInfo.

Copyright Information

All material, whether taken for course credit or purchased, is granted to user under a limited license for sole use of the recipient. All materials are copyrighted by the University of Colorado, and any reproduction, broadcast, or resale is strictly prohibited.

Library Courses

Library courses are digital recordings of University of Colorado Boulder graduate engineering and technology courses taught in previous semesters. Students may enroll in these courses for academic credit, with pre-approval from the library course's instructor.

Aerospace Engineering
Course Instructor(s)
ASEN 5007: Introduction to Finite Elements Carlos Felippa
ASEN 5050: Spaceflight Dynamics Jeffrey Parker
ASEN 5070: Introduction to Statistical Orbit Determination 1 Brandon Jones
ASEN 5090: Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite Systems Kristine Larson
ASEN 5215: Descriptive Physical Oceanography Bill Emery
ASEN 5227: Math for Aerospace Engineering Sciences 1 Bill Emery
ASEN 5335: Aerospace Environments Delores Knipp
ASEN 5426: Neural Systems and Physiological Control Howard Wachtel
ASEN 5519: Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the National Airspace System Brian Argrow
ASEN 6024: Nonlinear Control Systems Dale Lawrence
ASEN 6060: Advanced Astrodynamics Daniel J. Scheeres
ASEN 6080: Statistical Orbit Determination 2 Jay McMahon
ASEN 6107: Nonlinear Finite Element Methods Carlos Felippa
ASEN 6519: Celestial Mechanics Daniel J. Scheeres
ASEN 6519: Lidar Remote Sensing (NEW) Xinzhao Chu
ASEN 6519: Orbital Debris Brandon Jones
ASEN 6519: Uncertainty Quantification Alireza Doostan
Civil Engineering
Course Instructor(s)
CVEN 5584: Water Profession: Financial and Management Richard Kuchenrither
CVEN 5835: Cable Supported Pedestrian Bridge Design Avery Bang
CVEN 7511: Computational Finite Inelasticity and Multiphase Mechanics Richard Regueiro
Computer Science
Course Instructor(s)
CSCI 5229: Computer Graphics Willem Schreuder
CSCI 5273: Network Systems Shivakant Mishra
CSCI 5446: Chaotic Dynamics Elizabeth Bradley
CSCI 5448: Object Oriented Analysis & Design Ken Anderson
CSCI 5535: Fundamental Concepts of Programming Languages Bor-Yuh Evan Chang
CSCI 5593: Advanced Computer Architecture Daniel Connors
(pre-approval not required)
CSCI 5654: Linear Programming Sriram Sankaranarayanan
CSCI 5673: Distributed Systems Shivakant Mishra
CSCI 5809: Computer Animation Roger King
CSCI 5828: Foundations of Software Engineering Ken Anderson
CSCI 5832: Natural Language Processing Jordan Boyd-Graber
CSCI 7000: Advanced Computer Animation Roger King
CSCI 7000: Datacenter Scale Computing Dirk Grunwald
CSCI 7717: Database Systems: Information Systems Technology Roger King
Electrical Engineering
Course Instructor(s)
ECEN 5004: Environmental Signal Processing A.J. Gasiewski
ECEN 5016: Quantum Mechanics Alan Mickelson
ECEN 5023: Network Systems Shivakant Mishra
ECEN 5107: Electric Power Grid Conwell Dickey
ECEN 5120: Neural Network Design Howard Demuth
ECEN 5254: Remote Sensing Signals and Systems A.J. Gasiewski
ECEN 5355: Principles of Electronic Devices Won Park
ECEN 5418: Automatic Control Systems 1 Lucy Pao
ECEN 5448: Advanced Linear Systems David Meyer
ECEN 5593: Advanced Computer Architecture Daniel Connors
(pre-approval not required)
ECEN 5612 Youjian (Eugene) Liu
ECEN 5616: Optoelectronics System Design Bob Cormack
ECEN 5797: Introduction to Power Electronics Khurram Afridi
ECEN 5817: Resonant and Soft Switching Techniques in Power Electronics Khurram Afridi
ECEN 5827: Analog IC Design Dragan Maksimovic
ECEN 5831: Brains, Minds, and Computers Howard Wachtel
Interdisciplinary Telecom
Course Instructor(s)
TLEN 5300: Telecommunications Theory and Applications Jeff DiMaio
(pre-approval not required)
TLEN 5430: Data Communications 2 Kenneth Baker
Mechanical Engineering
Course Instructor(s)
MCEN 5228: Optimal Design Shalom D. Ruben
MCEN 5228: Sustainable Energy Mike Hannigan
MCEN 6228: Uncertainty Quantification Alireza Doostan