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Software Engineering

This information has been adapted from the Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering web site. Please refer to this Electrical page for official certificate information.

Software engineering has come of age as a body of fundamental engineering knowledge applied to software; product requirements definition and analysis, design for performance and testability, design for field diagnosis and maintenance, test coverage, and more. Professionals who understand this body of knowledge are able to develop products more predictably and reliably for stand-alone programs, as well as for programs that will be part of a more complex environment.

Software professionals in development, testing, or maintenance will benefit from the Software Engineering Certificate program at the University of Colorado Boulder. All credits earned in the certificate can be applied to an appropriate graduate engineering program at CU-Boulder.  The courses and certificate are all approved to be taken by both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduate students for credit.

Please note that, due to the nature of these courses, the Software Engineering Certificate, only students who have already taken courses toward the certificate will be able to complete the certificate. No new certificate students may start at this time.
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