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Tuition and Fees

We serve both main campus and distance students at CU-Boulder.

Main Campus Tuition

Degree seeking students registered for main campus courses follow the main campus tuition and fee structure. Non-degree students taking an EMEN and/or TLEN main campus course follow the tuition and fees structure defined under the A&S/Other category on the Continuing Education website.

Online Course Tuition

If you are enrolling in the online section of an Engineering Anywhere credit-based course, you will pay $835* per credit hour for the 2014-2015 academic year. The majority of our courses are 3-credit hours, making the cost $2,505 per average course. There are no additional fees for taking the online courses, other than the costs of books, software or materials required by your instructor. If you receive a fee request from any other department, contact us before sending payment.

If you are a main campus student taking an Engineering Anywhere online course, please note that the online tuition is in addition to main campus tuition and you will receive a separate bill for your online course from the Division of Continuing Education. If you have a question about your tuition bill, setting up a payment plan, paying your student fees, etc., please contact the Division of Continuing Education Bursar’s Office at 303.492.2212 or email

*Tuition is the same for degree/non-degree, credit/no-credit, and resident/non-resident students.