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Tuition and Fees

Main Campus Tuition

Degree seeking students registered for main campus courses follow the main campus tuition and fee structure. Non-degree students taking an EMEN and/or TLEN main campus course follow the tuition and fees structure defined under the A&S/Other category on the Continuing Education website.

Distance Education Course Tuition

If you enroll in the distance section of an Engineering Anywhere credit-based course, the tuition is $835* per credit hour for the 2014-2015 academic year. The majority of courses are 3-credit hours, making the cost $2,505 per course. There are no additional fees for taking the distance (online) courses, other than the costs of books, software, or materials required by the instructor. If you receive a fee request from any other department, contact us before sending payment.

If you are a main campus student taking an distance course, note that the tuition is in addition to main campus tuition and you will receive a separate bill for the distance course from the Division of Continuing Education. If you have a question about your tuition bill, setting up a payment plan, paying student fees, etc., contact the Division of Continuing Education Bursar’s Office at 303.492.2212 or email

*Tuition is the same for degree/non-degree, credit/no-credit, and resident/non-resident students.


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Tuition FAQs

What is my tuition if I am auditing a class or taking a class for no-credit?

Distance tuition is the same for degree/non-degree, credit/no-credit, resident/non-resident and students. Participants in the CU-Boulder Alumni Association's Senior Auditor program do not have to pay tuition.

How do I pay my tuition?

There are a variety of option when it comes to paying your tuition: online or in person and by credit card, check, or cash. Payment plans are also available. Please refer to the Continuing Education and Professional Studies website for detailed information.

I'm mailing a check to pay for my tuition. Where do I send it?

Payments may be mailed to:

Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies
1505 University Avenue
Boulder, CO 80309-0178

If you have any questions regarding your payment, call 303 492 5148 (TTY - 303 492 8905)

I'm faxing my tuition payment. What fax number do I use?

If you wish to fax your tuition payment, please use the following fax number: 303 492 3962

What happens if my tuition payment is late?

It is ultimately every student's responsibility to pay their bills in a timely manner. Even if a student does not receive a bill in the mail, or their tuition is being paid by a third party, the student is still responsible for payment by the due date. Failure to make payment in full by the tuition due date will result in a stop being placed on the student's account. The stop will prevent the student from obtaining transcripts or registering for any future semester. Additionally, a 1% service charge will be assessed monthly and the account may be referred to the State of Colorado Central Collection Services (CCS).