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Course Offerings

ITP Course Offerings

Course Credits Instructor(s)
TLEN 5010: Network Economics and Finance 1 3 Scott Savage
TLEN 5050: Authentic Leadership 3 Barbara Lawton
ECEN 5107: Electric Power Grid 3 Conwell Dickey
TLEN 5240: Telecom Law and Policy (Classroom Only) 3 Phil Weiser
TLEN 5245: Introduction to Intellectual Property Law (Classroom Only) 3 Harry Surden
TLEN 5310: Telecommunications Systems 3 Charles Cook
TLEN 5330: Data Communications 1 3 Sangtae Ha
TLEN 5350: Commercial Spaceflight Operations and Communications 3 Bradley Cheetham, George Born
TLEN 5370: IP Routing Protocols (Classroom Only) 3 Kevin Epperson
TLEN 5380: Future of Video: Technology, Policy, and Economics (Classroom Only) 3 Stephen Glennon, David Reed
TLEN 5410: Network Management and Operations 3 Mark Dehus
TLEN 5460: Telecommunications Systems Lab 3 Jose Santos
TLEN 5510: Wireless and Cellular Communications 3 Thomas Schwengler
TLEN 5560: Wireless Systems Lab 3 Jeff DiMaio
TLEN 5570: IP Network Design (Classroom Only) 3 Paul Cernick
TLEN 5700: Research Methods 2 David Reed
TLEN 5830: Special Topics: Secure System Architecture (Classroom Only) 3 Joe McManus
TLEN 5833: Special Topics: Unix System Administration 3 Mark Dehus
TLEN 5833: Special Topics: Unix System Administration (Classroom Only) 3 Joe McManus
TLEN 5835: Special Topics: Venture Capital & Private Equity (Classroom Only) 3 Brad Bernthal
TLEN 5920: Independent Study 1 ITP Professors Various
TLEN 6940: Candidate for Degree 1 ITP Professors Various
TLEN 6950: Master's Thesis 1 ITP Professors Various
TLEN 7000: Current Topics in Telecommunications: Network Analysis Techniques (Classroom Only) 3 Lijun Chen
TLEN 8990: Doctoral Dissertation 1-10 ITP Professors Various

Library Courses

Library Courses are digital recordings of University of Colorado Boulder graduate engineering and technology courses taught in previous semesters. These courses have been approved to be included in the Course Library. However, for most courses, you will need to contact the instructor directly to obtain permission to take the course in a particular semester.